Hundreds of kind strangers have helped us along our adventure from every country we have been through so far. But to make the impact that will really make a difference to so many more lives, we really need some help.

So how can you help?


We meet many NGO’s along our travels. Not always in an office, usually in a village or in somebody’s house. NGO’s that don’t always have a computer, let alone a website. Generally just a community doing their best to get the most out of life. The challenge for us in helping these NGO’s is that we cannot carry supplies on our bicycles. Visa restrictions in most countries mean that we are almost always on the move, so we don’t have the luxury of setting up camp for a few months to stay anywhere long enough to teach or even oversee a project in it’s entirety. 

However, if you are looking for a cause that you can believe in, and if you have the desire to travel and make a difference, then you could be just what we’re looking for. For each of our projects, we always like nominate a Project Manager. It is obviously an unpaid position, completely self funded and sometimes it is only part time. But it takes commitment from someone to ensure that the project is carried out in the way it was designed.

More often than not, we partner with a local NGO to play the role of Project Manager as they are usually the beneficiaries. But if you’d like to get involved, don’t mind getting your hands (and usually feet) dirty, then you should contact us. We also advise you to look at our NGO partners page on this site for organisations that we have met personally and can vouch for as real, honest, credible NGO’s.


If you have access to clothes, toys, household goods or anything else that you think might help, then let us know. We are happy to supply you with an address that is closest to you (if we know one) that will go straight to the village elder and be distributed fairly. If you are somebody that could be in a position to help in future, let us know as we will keep it in mind for future NGO meetings along our route.


Our Social Media awareness campaign is poor at best. This gives a Marketing Student a prime opportunity to display not only the almighty power of the internet, but also their ability to use it. We have less than 400 Facebook likes and less than 200 twitter followers. Next to that, we have very little time to focus on these things. If you, or somebody you know if sufficiently skilled to take The Kindness of Strangers into the social media spotlight, then we will be delighted and have no doubt that further projects and further funding will be a direct result.

For the right person, we will supply all of our passwords and give complete access. As TKOS does not pay admin fees, it is an unpaid position but we will happily give full credit via the web site and provide any references should they be needed in obtaining future employment.



Do you belong to a cycling club based in Asia or Australia? Why don’t you get your friends together and perhaps we can take over the roads for a day or two. If its planned well enough, we’ll try and get the media involved and get a couple of snaps in the local newspapers. If nothing else, it should be a lot of fun!

We are in India from July to early November, 2012, heading from Trivandrum in Kerala to Mumbai (August), then to Agra (maybe New Dehli, September) and off to Calcutta (late October). November and early 2013 will be based around northern Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

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