TKOS team

The TKOS team consists of two people. Kimmi Kifun and Brett Seychell. That’s it.

And that covers all work relating to financial accounting, NGO research, project research, web design and IT maintenance, social media marketing, fundraising, photography, videography, public relations and logistical operations. There are no corporate sponsors that have funded our logistics in any way. But there have been hundreds of kind strangers that have helped along the way.

So who are we?

Kimberley Kifun

Born and raised in London, Kimmi comes from a culturally mixed background. With ancestry from as far and wide as Mauritius, China, Netherlands, Portugal, Ireland, France and Wales, Kimmi can almost pass for any nationality in the world.

At only 27, Kimmi has previously travelled throughout Thailand, Australia, USA and all over Europe. With an innate desire to help people and give significance to her own life by helping the lives of others, Kimmi is the reason The Kindness of Strangers is where it is today. Quite happy to leave a life behind as a manager in London’s thriving nightlife scene, Kimmi now finds her smile in the peace and tranquillity of the long and winding road, accompanied by the friendliest of strangers.

Before this adventure, Kimmi had not sat on a bicycle since she was six years old.

Brett Seychell

Australian born and bred, Brett has lived most of his adult life in London since leaving his home town of Melbourne at 21. With a skin colour of somewhere  between ghostly white and sunburnt, a tinge of ginger in his hair and half a foot taller than most of the Asian sub continent, Brett sometimes struggles to blend into the crowd.

At 36, Brett has held senior positions in the hospitality industry in Dubai, Melbourne and London. Previous travel experience includes South East Asia, Australia and most of Western and Northern Europe. Also pleased to turn his back on a promotion and a pay rise at London’s biggest corporate nightclub company, Brett is happy to potter along the route home, soaking up the culture and avoiding the sun.

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