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Every now and then we stick our neck out to the press for our five minutes of fame, but more often than not, it is the press that find us. Usually due to many of the kind strangers we have stayed with that have reached out on our behalf.

Have a browse through and have to see how we hold up in front of a camera!

India- The Times of India, 9th September 2012

The Times of India editor attended our talk at Cept University in Ahmedabad. He had a few questions after which was refreshing as he took a slightly different in this article. We think Paul John will be planning a trip of his own someday!

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India- Ahmedabad Mirror, 8th September 2012

For this interview, we had lunch with the reporter. It went for at least an hour and a half, much longer than most interviews and she still managed to get most of the facts wrong! They say all press is good press so we thought we’d publish it anyway!

The same day, another article came out in DNA (see below). The interview lasted for 15 minutes and we think it was fantastic!

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India- Daily News Analysis, Ahmedabad, 8th September 2012

Ahmedabad really is where the news press caught hold off us and we entered a media circus. After having conducted talks at both Cept University and Baroda High School, we found a flutter of offers coming in from a variety of papers.

The Daily News Analysis is one of the bigger English papers in Ahmedabad and we managed to hit the front page of the After Hours Supplement..

This was one of the better articles in Ahmedabad in that it was pretty accurate,

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India- VNM News, Vadodara, 6th September 2012

Baroda High School arranged an amazing send off for us when we left the town early morning. To our surprise, somebody had contacted VNM news for an interview! Most of the clip is in Gujurati but we both get to play a small speaking role!



India- Divya Bhaskar, Vadodara, 31st August 2012

Just a few minutes after we arrived in Vadodara, our good friend Rohit Thakur  had tipped off the press and we were met by a photographer!

The only problem is, this paper is only in the regional dialect of Gujurati! So we don’t really know what was said, but have good faith that they got most of the story right, as it was all taken from this website!

If you want to try and have a read, click on the article on the right to link through to a readable version.

If you speak Gujurati, please let us know what they say!



India- Hindustan Times, 9th August 2012

The Hindustan Times is a national paper for India so we were thrilled to get a half page with a photo!

After Mumbai, when we travelled north, we actually met people who had read the article about us!

Featured in the ‘Cafe’ section of the paper alongside all the Bollywood celebs!

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Sri Lanka- The Nation, 7th July, 2012

The Nation is a weekly Sunday publication, one of the biggest in English throughout Sri Lanka.

It was a great opportunity for The Kindness of Strangers to get a chance to shout about The Chicken and the Egg project we carried out in two parts of Sri Lanka.

This interview was actually conducted online as we never got a chance to meet the reporter as the paper contacted us only after we left Sri Lanka and had arrived in India.

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Sri Lanka- The Sunday Times, 1st July 2012

The Sunday Times also has one of the biggest readership figures in Sri Lanka so again it was a great opportunity to shout about our wonderful experiences cycling through Sri Lanka.

All the photos in this article our from our personal collection. The photographer that we met during the interview only took a photo of us being interviewed with a small ‘point & shoot’ camera.

I’m glad ours made the cut!

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Dubai- Studio One Live TV

This was our very first live TV appearance. We had to wait for the other two guests of the show to finish before we had our turn. Just enough time to build the nerves! Kimmi has a complete blank mid sentence on live TV! Forward to 16:30 to see our segment.



Dubai- Gulf News, 28th Jan, 2012

It was fantastic to get such a huge article in one of Dubai’s biggest publications. In addition to that, we were also on the banner of the front page!

The article was part of the ‘community report’ section of the paper, so it was completely written by yours truly!

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Dubai- Khaleej Times, 12th June, 2012

Khaleej times is massive in Dubai so it was fantastic to get in the paper. Especially as we got our photo on the front page banner!

Click on the article to have a read on line.







Kosovo- Klan TV Morning Show, 11th Sep 2011

This was our first TV appearance on as The Kindness of Strangers. Fortunately for us, the crew spent the afternoon with us and cycled around Pristina, and had the patience with us whilst on camera!


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