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1. Could you tell us something about the kindness of strangers?

In June 2010, Kimmi Kifun and I decided to cycle from London to Melbourne. Throughout the next twelve months of preparation and saving, we decided to raise some money for charity. However, we could not find a charity that was transparent enough for our satisfaction, so we started our own. And that is how The Kindness of Strangers was born. Now we have the opportunity to micro finance charitable projects along the way that we can truly see are worthwhile and helpful to the people who need it most.

2. Where are you at the moment and where are you headed?

Right now we are in Northern Thailand, heading south. Recently we have just completed a lap throughout Cambodia, southern Vietnam and southern Laos. Over the next few months we will cycle all the way through Thailand, peninsular Malaysia and Singapore before heading through Java to Bali and then onto Darwin, Australia. To get home to Melbourne, we plan on cycling through the middle of Australia.

3. What was the purpose of the expedition

The purpose of the expedition,as always, is to soak ourselves in the culture as much as possible and learn as much as we can. The fact that we have completed 13 projects to date throughout six countries across three continents has been amazing!

4. How many countries have you cycled through and how far to go?

We have cycled through:

1; England 2; France 3;Belgium 4; Luxembourg 5; Germany 6; Italy 7; Albania 8; Kosovo 9;Macedonia 10; Bulgaria 11; Greece 12; Turkey 13; Iran 14; UAE 15; Oman 16; Sri Lanka 17; Maldives 18; India 19; Thailand 20; Cambodia 21; Vietnam 22; Laos 

And to go, we have:

23; Malaysia 24; Singapore 25; Indonesia 26; Australia

So far we have cycled almost 21,000km and we estimate the total to be 29,500km. We should get back by early September, 2013.

5. Would you like to come back and do more projects here?

Definitely. South East Asia is such a beautiful part of the world with such an interesting and diverse character. To really understand the country and culture, it is best to settle in one place for as long as possible. We have not had the opportunity to do that, so perhaps another opportunity will arise in the future.

6. Did you have any qualms about it or worries while you were on this journey?

No, we never felt unsafe in the trip so far. I think a trip like this takes a lot of courage but you have to rely on a lot of luck also. We have both been accused of wearing rose coloured glasses before, but it’s a great way to live. People never feel threatened by somebody on a bicycle!

7. I went through your website and found a story, would you mind if extracted some information from the website for the article?

Please feel free to use as much as you like from the web site

8. The images on the website are too small for me to copy, could you kindly reattach high resolution images of the cycling exp and the charity project to use with the article.

Absolutely, please get in touch

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