We are particularly proud to boast that 100% of public donation and corporate sponsorship has gone directly to the kind strangers and grass root NGO’s that we have met through our travels and research. No funds have been used for travel expenses or equipment. We have also funded all administration costs personally. Details of your donation, the charity bank balance and the money spent to help strangers can all be found on the accounts page.

As we are nearing the end of our trip, we are no longer accepting donations through The Kindness of Strangers.

However, we would like to encourage you to donate to one of the individual projects that we have assisted along the way. That way you can be assured that all of your money is going to a safe place and you can choose a grass root projects that most appeals to you.

We would like to recommend, in no articular order:

The Ideas Partnership, Kosovo.

Soap II- 1

Helping the empowerment of women and becoming self sustainable through the production of soap. Click here for more information or go directly to their website. Volunteer work available.


Act & Help Orphanage, India.

Screen shot 2010-01-17 at 11.59.03 AMWe have found so many orphanages on our travels that are designed to profit from tourism with little to no money going to children. After much research we found Act & Help, French set up and run and were proud to donate. For more information click here or go direct to their website.


The Sao Sary Foundation, Cambodia.

Sao Sary Foundation_EDITED A0sizeFounded in honour of his fathers assassination, Mr Vichetr Uon set up SSF to help poor families in the community with a view to PREVENT child trafficking. It opened up a whole new world for us and we are proud to endorse and donate. Volunteer work available. For more information click here or go direct to the website.


Sustainable Cambodia, Cambodia.

Cambodia- SCDedicated to helping families throughout the Pursat Province, Sustainable Cambodia have many different projects on the go. We invested in the production of a vegetable garden at a nursery school to supply the children with a healthy breakfast everyday. Sustainable Cambodia is also an excellent base for international volunteers. Click here to find out more information or go direct to the website.


Trailblazers Foundation, Cambodia.

downloadOne of many organisations in Siem Reap, we were totally impressed with Scott, his small team and the big differences they make. We purchased bio sand water filters for 10 families for $75 each. Click here to find out more information or click through to their website. Trailblazers are one of the few NGO’s that take on short term international volunteers, especially if you have a green thumb!


COPE Centre, Laos.

COPE logoDedicated to the removal of unexploded cluster bombs throughout Laos and working with victims, COPE does some amazing work. However, it is well established and quite well funded, but these funds are never enough for problems as big as this. Click here to find out more or go through to the website.



AFESIPThe only NGO dedicated to the repatriation of sex workers that have been illegally trafficked as children in Laos. Incredible work carried out by incredible people. AFESIP are extremely efficient, proactive and passionate. Click here for more information or donate via the website. There are no international volunteer opportunities with AFESIP for obvious reasons.





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