Cycling from Burgundy to Provence

by Brett Seychell on August 24, 2012

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Back to back vineyards, quaint little villages and what feels like more cycle paths than roads. The bicycle is such a common past time, you are rarely alone as families from toddlers to grandparents stroll on by enjoying the sunshine and the serenity. It’s utter bliss.

Have a flick through the map below and some of our favourite photos from the region. There’s also a table that lays out each day we did and the distance between to help you plan your journey. If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


What we loved the most:

  • We loved everything about all of France, but to pick highlights is as hard as choosing your favourite child. And our favourite children are food and wine. LOVED Rhone and Burgundy and absolutely loved Aix-en-Provence. Best food in all of France (that we had), especially in Aperot Bistro.
  • France is relatively flat and there are many unused train tracks that have turned into cycle paths. Also, the tourist information centres have fantastic cycle maps and are usually super helpful.

What took the air out of our tyres:

  • The French Riviera is not for the budget traveller. St Tropez, Canne and Nice just seem to full of people who like to watch other people strut their stuff. But then again, what else can you expect. It’s worth visiting to tick a box, so you can join the clan of many others, but Kimmi and I quickly agreed, that if we were ever millionaires we wouldn’t wear it on the outside.
  • The beaches weren’t all that! We were a little disappointed because to us, a good beach is an empty beach. I don’t know where we thought we were!!

What we didn’t, but should’ve done:

  • Our timing was slightly off and we missed the Canne film festival. Other than that, I think we definitely did everything else like completely overindulge in cheese, baguettes, wine, pastries and everything else French.
  • Would have liked to couch surf from France, instead of waiting a little later on in the trip. The French people were all fantastic, from those that we met, but we would have liked to have met a few more to get deep into the real French culture. If you don’t know what couch surfing is, check out It’ll be the best thing you ever do.

What’s it worth:

  • £67.00 per day is what this part of France can set you back. You’ll get a couple of magnums of wine and a decent decanter in a box home to Australia for your money as well. France is the only country in the world that you can cycle from one side to the other and still put on weight. The food is so delicious and guilt free eating of the pastries, coffee’s, cheese, wine and everything else can come back to bite you in the ass. And if it doesn’t, then you haven’t done France properly!!

What’s worth sending home in a box:

  • A magnum of every wine of every region you stroll through.
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TownKm'sNightsWhere we slept
Beaune721Wild Camp
Anse1051Wild Camp
Canal651Wild Camp
Valence651Wild Camp
Le Colombier751Wild Camp
Kimmi birthday hotel1401Hotel
La Bouilladisse251Wild Camp
Cassis301Public Camp
Hyeres651Wild Camp
St Maxine901Wild Camp
Nice501Public Camp

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