Exactly where ALL your money goes

Finding projects to get involved in has been the biggest challenge of the adventure by far. There are so many people living in poverty throughout the world and we have encountered them constantly. All of them strangers and all of them kind. Many times we have slept either inside or outside of their house on a straw mat on the dirt. But does this kindness warrant a project and a donation from The Kindness of Strangers?

When we are researching for a project, there are certain criteria that we prefer to use to guide us. It is this criteria that has turned out to be the backbone of The Kindness of Strangers:

1. Does the project benefit the whole community?
2. Is the project self sustainable?
3. Is there a project manager or NGO partner than can supervise and guide the duration of the project?
4. Does the project generate an income for the recipient?

These criteria make it extremely difficult for us to find the right recipient for a project. However, these are the values that we must have to guide us on our search. Without these values, we would be giving money away for short term goals and making no long term difference.

We are open to ideas and potential projects along our way through India, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia and outback Australia. If you know of an opportunity that fits the above criteria that is on our way, please let us know, we would love to check it out.

Post image for The Omid-e-Mehr Foundation- Tehran, Iran (Nov 2011)

The Omid-e-Mehr Foundation has been established to help vulnerable young women in Iran to transform their lives. The center in Tehran takes some of the most vulnerable, abused and neglected girls and works with them to give them the tools they need to lead happy and productive lives. In a society where being a victim [...]


Post image for The Soap Project- Pristina, Kosovo (Sept, 2011)

We are extremely proud to support Elizabeth Gowing and The ideas Partnership. In the Spring of 2011, Elizabeth met 61 children who wanted to go to school but were told they were now too old to register (read more at www.GettingGjelaneToSchool.wordpress.com/page4). She started catch-up classes for these Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian children, and began lobbying [...]


Post image for The Golden Hands Project- Prisren,Kosovo (Sept 2011)

‘Initiative 6’ was started by 5 Roma’s who wanted to better their community, the founder having his son in school along with only one other from their community wanted to change these statistic and set about doing just that. Knocking on doors one by one, with no funding, they began educating the people in his [...]