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Finding projects to get involved in has been the biggest challenge of the adventure by far. There are so many people living in poverty throughout the world and we have encountered them constantly. All of them strangers and all of them kind. Many times we have slept either inside or outside of their house on a straw mat on the dirt. But does this kindness warrant a project and a donation from The Kindness of Strangers?

When we are researching for a project, there are certain criteria that we prefer to use to guide us. It is this criteria that has turned out to be the backbone of The Kindness of Strangers:

1. Does the project benefit the whole community?
2. Is the project self sustainable?
3. Is there a project manager or NGO partner than can supervise and guide the duration of the project?
4. Does the project generate an income for the recipient?

These criteria make it extremely difficult for us to find the right recipient for a project. However, these are the values that we must have to guide us on our search. Without these values, we would be giving money away for short term goals and making no long term difference.

We are open to ideas and potential projects along our way through India, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia and outback Australia. If you know of an opportunity that fits the above criteria that is on our way, please let us know, we would love to check it out.

The Lotus Education Fund- Laos (Mar 13)

by tkos on April 8, 2013

Post image for The Lotus Education Fund- Laos (Mar 13)

Kimmi and I are quite often the recipients of some amazing praise for our efforts through The Kindness of Strangers over the past couple of years. People from all walks of life have complimented, applauded, glorified and paid tribute in our honour for the ‘amazing work’ that we have carried out in our cycle across [...]

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AFESIP- Vientiane, Laos (Mar 13)

by tkos on March 26, 2013

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The sexual exploitation, trafficking and sale of women, aged as young as 12, in Laos and it’s neighbor, Thailand. Sentenced to a locked room and forced to have sex with up to 20 ‘clients’ per day. If they are lucky, they do not get badly beaten too often. We all know that it happens because [...]


Post image for The Arm & a Leg Project- COPE, Vientiane, Laos (Mar 13)

The USA dropped more bombs on Laos during the Vietnam War than all the bombs combined, dropped by every country for the entire duration of World War II. And the USA were not even at war with Laos, Laos was neutral. From 1964 to 1973, the U.S. dropped more than two million tons of ordnance [...]


Water Cycle Project, Siem Reap (Jan 13)

by tkos on January 28, 2013

Post image for Water Cycle Project, Siem Reap (Jan 13)

We are pleased to announce our 10th project! We have bought 10 Bio-Sand water filters for 10 families in one of the poorest provinces of Cambodia, the popular tourist spot, Siem Reap. We heard that Siem Reap is overflowing with NGO’s and were daunted by the idea of trying to find one that we could [...]


Post image for The Breakfast Garden Project, Pursat, Cambodia (Jan 13)

We have just completed our second project in Cambodia and our ninth on the trip so far! We knew we would find so many worthy causes here in Cambodia we just wanted to make sure that the projects we donated to have the infrastructure to see the projects through to being sustainable. Our research led [...]


Post image for The PREVENTION of child trafficking project- Cambodia (Dec 12)

Put a post on Facebook with a picture of a small child and you will receive thousands of people who ‘like’ to raise awareness against child trafficking. Some people will even donate money to raise this awareness. We’ve often wondered how all this awareness stops a poor family from wanting to sell their children. Perhaps [...]

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Post image for Act and Help orphanage- Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India (Oct 2012)

We are delighted to announce the details of our second project in India and the seventh for the trip so far! After meeting countless NGO’s and micro finance companies, we learned that there are many opportunities for poor people in India, provided they are willing to work for it. As we believe in providing opportunity [...]


Post image for The Soap of Hope II- Fushe Kosove, Pristina, Kosovo (Nov 2012)

The Kindness of Strangers are proud to follow up with Elizabeth Gowing from The Ideas Partnership. Constantly busy and forever battling to improve the quality of life of the Fushe Kosove community, Elizabeth explains the effort and the detail behind the projects to promote self sustainability.   We had no hesitation to donate an additional [...]


Post image for The Little Big Buffalo Project- Fagvel village, Gujurat, India (Sept, 2012)

The Kindness of Strangers are pleased to announce the launch of The Little Big Buffalo Project. After much searching, we have finally found our fifth project of the trip, in a small rural village called Fagvel, about 80km from Ahmedabad, Gujurat, India. It certainly was no easy feat to find and could not have been [...]


Post image for The Chicken & the Egg Project- Mi Ella, Sri Lanka (June, 2012)

For the first time, The Kindness of Strangers have invested in a community project, without the aid of the an established on the ground NGO. Sometimes, there is just no organised help around but at least there are the right people. We found Firdouse, an English teacher, in the small village of Mi Ella, near [...]