The world in our eyes

Have a look at how we view the world. Below is a collection of our favourite photos from around the world so far.


by tkos on September 1, 2012

Post image for Albania

Albania through our eyes. Not generally the place most people think of for a weekend getaway, but we think Tirana will be a real hot spot in the next five years!  There really is a great cafe culture emerging with the style and standard you would see in London and Paris.  All without the hefty [...]



by tkos on August 29, 2012

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Italy. We would have loved to have spent more time. The five weeks we were there could have easily been five months and we still wouldn’t have been able to see it all. Some of our favourite photo’s from the slideshow below aren’t so much from the Colosseum or the leaning tower of Pisa, but more [...]



by tkos on August 18, 2012

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France really is a cyclists dream. It feels like you can virtually get from one side of the country to the other, just on cycle paths that used to be old train tracks! The people are fantastic, the food is incredible and the scenery is just utter bliss. The advantage of cycling through France as [...]


United Kingdom

by tkos on August 13, 2012

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These are a collection of our favourite photos from home, and a few from the days after we left London towards Dover. Couple of snaps from our practice runs from Edinburgh to London also. More photos can be found on our Facebook page.   Click here to open the gallery.