The world in our eyes

Have a look at how we view the world. Below is a collection of our favourite photos from around the world so far.


by tkos on March 30, 2013

Post image for Laos

We were in and out of Laos in less than two weeks, but still managed to capture the beauty of this fantastic country. Entering the border from the south on the Vietnam side, we had the joy of cycling across the mountain range before getting to Attapue and then Pakse before taking on the well [...]



by tkos on March 26, 2013

Post image for Vietnam

Vietnam is an amazing country to visit. From the fantastic food to the beautiful scenery, a shot in any direction is like a shot out of National Geographic. We were lucky enough to spend six weeks in Vietnam and spent all of that time just in the south. Entering the country through the southern most [...]



by tkos on March 4, 2013

Post image for Cambodia

You can get whatever you want from Cambodia, be it a beach fun holiday with loads of beer and backpackers in Sihanoukville, a visit to the ‘Tomb Raider’ style temples of Angkor Wat or an insight into the horrors of the Khmer Rouge and the recent history of the local people. We spent a total [...]

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by tkos on December 7, 2012

Post image for Thailand

Welcome to the land of ┬ásmiles! Thailand is such a beautiful place to explore, from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok’s busy shopping districts to the peaceful serenity of the country side, Thailand has always been one of our favorite places in the world and this recent experience just confirms why.  



by tkos on October 2, 2012

Post image for India

India. The fabulously colourful, vibrantly wonderful and most expressive country in the world. It’s easy to click in any direction and end up with a National Geographic contender. Amidst so much poverty, there is so much beauty. No matter where you look, you will always be greeted with a wonderful and genuine smile. As we [...]


Sri Lanka

by tkos on October 1, 2012

Post image for Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a beautiful place to cycle around. In a time where the country is licking it’s wounds from 30 years of war, the feeling of peace and united growth fills the hearts of the people with happiness. The diversity of the food, culture, terrain, wildlife and people make every destination a great place [...]


UAE & Oman

by tkos on September 30, 2012

Post image for UAE & Oman

Dubai was only supposed to be a quick stop, to try and get a boat to Sri Lanka or India, or maybe just to pass through on our way to Oman in another attempt to get a boat across the ocean. Unfortunately, unless you meet the right person on the right day in the right [...]



by tkos on September 29, 2012

Post image for Iran

Iran is one of the most amazing places to visit. Like most countries in the world, it is the people that make it so fantastic. At least five times per day we were, we were stopped whilst cycling down highways and offered tea, food, water, a place to stay for the night, and absolutely anything [...]



by tkos on September 22, 2012

Post image for Turkey

Turkey is where life on the road really starts to change from Europe. It is a brilliant yet gentle introduction to the middle east, some 3,500km from one side to the other. Istanbul really is an amazing, exciting city that would have to be one of the biggest melting pots of cultures in the world. [...]



by tkos on September 2, 2012

Post image for Kosovo

Kosovo. Not the first place that comes to mind when thinking of your next weekend getaway, but that is only a matter of time. There is a new life in Kosovo with the next generation shining through as bright, young, intellectual enthusiasts with strong views on politics, culture, the arts, hospitality and style.  Kosovo really [...]