Cycling through Iran

One of our all time favourite countries and the friendliest place on earth. Don’t fear to cycle through Iran, provided that you can get a visa. The Iranian people will stop you a dozen times and day to ask you where you are from and what you are doing, usually over a cup of tea or a home cooked meal at their house. More often than not, you will be sleeping in local homes and enjoying delicious home cooked food.

Make sure you get a visa extension from Tehran, because 30 days is not enough!

Cycling Tehran to the south coast of Iran

by tkos on October 2, 2012

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Cycling the south of Iran takes you to the wonders that are Natanz, Qom, Esfahan and Shiraz.. Although I’d recommend avoiding getting too close to Natanz unless you’d like to risk getting locked up by the military. Qom is the religious capital of the country and Esfahan, Shiraz and Bander Lengeh are all rich in [...]


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Cycling through Iran has to be the highlight of the trip so far. It is incredible. It is the biggest cultural learning experience you can get from one country with the most hospitable people in the world. You cannot cycle more than a couple of hours without being offered water, food, a place to stay [...]