With a passion and dedication for absolute 100% transparency, The Kindness of Strangers are proud to show you our bank balance in full. Below you can find every transaction, donation and withdrawal that has ever been made. If you’ve donated, you will find your name in the list. You will only find withdrawals for our projects that we have micro-financed. You will not see any withdrawals for hotels, bike equipment, visa’s or anything else that is required for an adventure like this.


TransactionDateNameAmountPay PalBalanceComments
TransactionDateNameAmountPay PalBalanceComments
Deposit22-02-2011 Obi Opara £50.00-£1.90£48.10All the best guys :0)
Deposit22-02-2011 Clare Arnold£10.00-£0.54£57.56Good luck - from an old school pal xx
Deposit 22-02-2011 Diana Gailiunaite £50.00-£1.90£105.66Good luck to you both, I am very proud of you and wish you lots of luck.
Deposit22-02-2011Dominika Corbin£20.00-£0.98 £124.68Enjoy your amazing and life changing experience. Safe travels!
Deposit25-02-2011 Jacques Du Toit£30.00 -£0 £154.68To both of you, I think it''s fantastic what you are doing, a goal I will someday achieve as well. For now I will be following your blog. The journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step and yours begins here! Much respect.
Deposit25-02-2011Victoria Purchase£25.00- £1.05£178.63Big love and luck to you both xxx
Deposit 26-02-2011 Tom Frampton £50.00-£1.90£226.73Such a great idea, have fun with it guys
Deposit26-03-2011 Jamie Freeman and Family £20.00-£0.88£245.85
Deposit01-03-2011 Eleanor Kifun£25.00-£1.05£269.80Big love and luck to you both xxx
Deposit25-02-2011Wayne Goater £100.00 -£0 £369.80 I think its amazing what you guys are doing...good luck!
Deposit09-03-2011 Susan Johnson£10.00 -£0.54£379.26Great idea
Deposit02-03-2011Maria Manning £20.00£0.88£398.38 I am Kieran''s mum and saw his message about you on facebook. Take care of each other, wish you both the very bes of luck.
Deposit 26-03-2011Victoria Joyce £50.00-£1.90£446.48Hey Kim, VERY long time, no speak! It''s an awesome thing you are both doing and I wish you all the luck in the world. With love from another old school friend! xx
Deposit10-04-2011 Kenneth OToole£10.00-£0.54£455.94
Deposit11-04-2011BAR WARS RAFFLE!!!! £581.00 -£0 £1036.94THANK YOU to the bar industry for helping us hit our first £K!!!!
Deposit14-04-2011ROADHOUSE£2253.00-£0£3289.94 THANK YOU to everyone who came to witness Roadhouse keep their title as best bar in London at Bar Wars!!
Deposit15-04-2011Wafaa Nabil Ezz & Adam Seychell£70.00-£1.53£3358.41We think what you are doing is amazing! Best of luck and happy travels!
Deposit 22-04-2011Tania Noble£50.00-£0.90£3407.51The greatest reward and luxury of travel is to be able to experience everyday things as if for the first time, to be in a position in which almost nothing is so familiar it is taken for granted - Safe Journey xxx
Deposit 03-05-2011Swales Family£25.00£0£3432.51 you are sooo fantastic the both of you well done for living youre dream you should be sooo proud of yourselves..much love to you both Debs xxxxxxxx
Deposit12-05-2011Dave & Kasia Gunn£25.00 -£1.05£3456.46Best wishes to both of you - it sounds great
Deposit13-05-2011 Gorgeous Champagne Auction£350.00 £0£3806.46Thanks to the Gorgeous team once for makingthe night a fabuloussuccess
Deposit 22-05-2011Kieran Manning£100.00£0£3906.46 Congratulations guys! Good luck!
Deposit 26-05-2011 Emily & Marcus Curran£50.00-£1.15£3955.31Wishing you both a safe and memorable journey. Looking foward to sharing a bottle of vino and hearing your stories when you finally reach Melbourne!
Deposit 28-05-2011 Natalia Tatar£10.00-£0.34£3964.97Be well, do good work and enjoy it x
Deposit 31-05-2011City of London Police Licensing Team£20.00 £0 £3984.97 Best of luck with your journey. Great to see a charity with no administration fees!
Deposit 03-06-2011Celina Tremoureux £25.00 -£0.55£4009.42All the best on your amazing trip, take care! xx
Deposit 11-06-2011 James Scott£100.00 -£1.60£4107.82Guys, have an amazing time and safe journey, see you at the other side. xx
Deposit 13-06-2011Susie Smith£50.00-£0.90£4156.92 Good luck guys, it is an amazing challenge. I wish all the love, luck and a happy & safe journey.
Deposit 13-06-2011Mick Curic£50.00-£0.90£4206.02 Best Wishes And Happy Trails
Deposit 14-06-2011Polly Wiles£60.00-£1.04£4264.98Good luck! Take care of yous...and all those strangers out there! Love xxx
Deposit 06-07-2011Novus Leisure £3500.00£0.00£7764.98 Good Luck from your hospitality past!
Deposit 06-07-2011Jelena Orlova£20.00 £0.00£7784.98From Russian with love!
Deposit 06-07-2011 Kimberley Kifun £24.02 £0.00£7809.00 I will reimburse all bank charges, because every penny you donate will make it to someone who needs it.
Deposit 13-07-2011Craig & Kat New£50.00-£0.90£7859.00Good luck guys on your trip. Hope to see you both when you get a bit nearer
Deposit27-07-2011 Jelana Orlova£20.00 £0.00£7879.00Your monthly payments are much appreciated Jelena Thank you!
Deposit 19-08-2011 Charlie Riddle£50.00- £0.90£7928.10Go, Kimmi and Brett, go! Enjoy every minute of your fabulous adventure! Charlie & Gil
Deposit 25-08-2011Jelena Orlova £20.00£0.00£7948.10Your monthly payments are much appreciated Jelena Thank you !
Deposit 28-08-2011Maurizio Colamonico £20.00 -£0.58£7967.52Nice trip...good life B&B La Uascezze, Bari, Italy
Deposit 09-09-2011Sophie Riebel£40.00-£0.50£8007.02Good luck on your journey. It''s very inspirational! x
Deposit 15-10-2011 Gorgeous-James Scott£250.00£0.00£8257.02Love your work!
WITHDRAWAL20-10-2011 Golden Hands Project Prizren, Kosovo -£250.00 £8,007.02 Funded materials for women to make handicrafts
WITHDRAWAL25-10-2011Soap Project, Pristina, Kosovo-£500.00 £7,507.02 Funded materials for women to make soap
WITHDRAWAL28-11-2011 Omid Foundation, Tehran, Iran -£500.00£7,007.02Donation to build new center for abused women
Deposit17-01-2012Sarah Bradley£50.00-£0.90£7,056.12Fantastic work - keep it up, from your fans in Dubai! Let us know if you need any help whilst you're here.
Deposit25-05-2012Wendy Kifun £30.00-£0.70£7,085.42Dear Kim and Brett, glad that all is going to plan, best of luck for the rest of the journey. Love Wendy & Allen, Dar, Mike, Marc xx
WITHDRAWAL04-05-2012 The Chicken & the Egg Project in Mi Ella, Sri Lanka-£60.00£7,025.42Bought 20 chickens and 2 roosters for 2 families
WITHDRAWAL14-05-2012The Chicken & the Egg Project Kilinochi, Sri Lanka-£125£6,900.42Bought 20 chickens and 2 roosters for 2 families plus a chicken coup
Deposit05-09-2012Christine Helliwell£100-£1.60£6998.82Well done guys, yours is an inspirational trip. From some fellow cyclists :)
WITHDRAWAL10-09-2012The Little Big Buffalo Project, Ahmedabad, india-£851.67£6.147.15Bought 4 buffalo for 2 families
Deposit13-09-2012Bhargavi & Soham Shukla£30£0£6,177.15Fantastic work, inspiring endeavor. Keep it up! May the force be with you.
WITHDRAWAL01-11-2012The Soap of Hope Project II-£1000£5,177.15Funding Project Manager Salary on the verge of becoming completely sustainable
WITHDRAWAL19-11-2012Act & Help Orphanage, Varanasi, India-£1017£4,160.15Support to keep the Orphanage running
Deposit08-12-1012Sofia Musil£20.00£0.58£4,179.57Well done guys, keep up the good work!
WITHDRAWAL15-01-2012Sao Sary Foundation, Kampong Speu, Cambodia-£532£3,647.57Bought 3 cows for 3 different families
WITHDRAWAL15-01-2012Sustainable Cambodia, Pursat, Cambodia-£626£3,021.57Funded a pilot project for a food supplement programme at pre-school
WITHDRAWAL17-01-2012Trailblazers, Siem Reap, Cambodia-£376£2,645.57Bought 10 Biosand water filters for 10 families
WITHDRAWAL25-03-2013COPE, Vientiane, Laos-£345£2,300.57Donation to prosthetic arms & legs for land mine victims in Laos
WITHDRAWAL26-03-2013AFECIP-£690£1,610.57Donation to the repatriation of human and child trafficking of sex workers in Laos
WITHDRAWAL28-03-13LOTUS-£690£920.57Donation to the Lotus Fund education project

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